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I know it's difficult giving up your computer. That's why I do my best to get your computer back to you the next day. Most malware/virus issues can be cured during a 24-hour visit. What are the signs of virus/malware issues?

  • Unwanted pop-up windows — especially those that won't close
  • Pop-up windows indicating the presence of computer problems
  • Strange search engine or search results
  • New home page
  • New toolbars on Internet Explorer, FireFox, Edge or Chrome
  • Slower than usual performance
  • Computer instructs you to call a phone number for help

There are many hardware components inside your computer. Many of these can be replaced for a reasonable fee. Signs of hardware failure include:

  • Computer won't turn on
  • Computer turns on but soon shuts itself down
  • Screen appears garbled or blank
  • Computer makes new or more frequent noises
  • Computer feels hot
  • Attached devices stop working properly

Get your computer working fast.

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